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The Importance of Clear Messaging with Your Brand

Offer Valid: 05/26/2022 - 06/30/2024

Now more than ever, business owners are using the internet to market their goods to the world. For this reason, it's important to have a clear brand that lets your target audience and potential customers know what makes your company unique. Making decisions around messaging, your logo, packaging, and what your company stands for early in the planning process is important and a big part of branding. After all, a brand is how your customers will view your products or services. The great part about branding is that you can do some of it on your own.

Establishing Clear Communication

Your customers' ability to see your logo or packaging and know what it represents will make a huge difference in your success. Clear messaging is important not only for your target audience but also when it comes to working with designers. If you're confident in designing, using a program like Canva is a good way to DIY your logo and other messaging.

If you're not as confident, it would benefit you to hire a pro, but be sure to communicate clearly. Maybe you have a lot of ideas when it comes to your logo or the look and feel of your website. When communicating with freelancers or employees, consider dropping images to show your ideas in a large PDF file. Using a free PDF editor tool, you and your graphic or website designers will be able to communicate information such as changes, new ideas, or tiny tweaks as you go, saving you all time.

Seeking Input as You Go

As you work to fill that PDF up for designers or your own designs, consider using your social media platforms to ask your target audience which messages and designs resonate with them best. By involving your target audience and future customers in your planning process, they're bound to feel more connected,

When seeking input from your target audience, think about asking open-ended questions to help determine whether your branding is clear. Instead of asking potential future customers whether or not they like a logo, ask how that design makes them feel and what they believe it's saying about your business. You could either seek this feedback on your own on social media or hire a marketing professional to gather data.

Using Local Connections

As you work to get your brand out into the world, one thing you'll always want to do is build connections. Personally reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce to let them know your plans, and you'll likely find that they're also enthusiastic about your brand and supporting your new business.

Forming this important local connection can be one of the most important steps you take in building the best brand possible after coming up with a clear message, seeking input, and finding the right audience. Rest assured that in following these steps, you'll be much closer to creating a clear brand that makes you proud.


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